About Us

To help the helpless and lead the desolate towards their self-reliance and sustainability.

New Way and Hope for All exist to facilitate children, women, aged and the needy, who are deprived in their socio-economic, educational and health spheres of life.  They are supported with the need-centered and community based strategies.

Legal Status
New Way and Hope for All is registered under the following Acts and qualifies as a full-pledged legal status: 
   a. Indian Trust Act, 1882
   b. Income Tax Act, 1961  
   c. FCRA, 2010
   d. The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000

Our Target Areas
At present we work in the remote Villages aroundArakonam and the other villages in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu.

Our Target Communities
The Sick, The Poor, the Needy, Orphans, Children, Tribal, Dalits, Women, the Aged, Adivasi and other disadvantaged Sections of the Society.